The communion offering next Sunday helps to support Suncreek’s ongoing ministry in the Czech Republic.  Every July Suncreek UMC takes a team to conduct an English Camp in the Czech Republic.  Through this camp we are building relationships in which we can share the love of Jesus Christ. The camp consists of fun games, team building, laughter and so much more. The Czech Republic is said to be the most atheistic country in the world due to their forty year Communist occupation.  During this time Christianity all but died in this beautiful country.  The people have become suspicious and question outsiders who spread ideas different than their own.  Through over ten years of being in ministry in the Czech Republic several young people now profess their faith in Jesus Christ and others are really questioning and exploring the idea of Christianity.  This is huge for a country that consists of people who do not even know or think about God.  Your offering will support the purchase of supplies and items necessary to make this camp a success. 

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