Stephen Ministry Training 
This fall Stephen Ministers are congregation members trained by Stephen Leaders to offer high-quality, one-to-one Christian care to people going through tough times. The training is fifty hours of quality learning to help the Stephen minister be prepared for this unique and confidential ministry.  For more information or to sign up for the training contact Tami Gallaway in the church office,

Stephen Ministry
Suncreek has specially trained care givers known as Stephen Ministers who help people through various challenges in their lives. Stephen Ministers go through extensive training and studying to equip them to become faithful and skilled care givers. New training classes begin each fall.

Stephen Ministry's core purpose is summed up in the words of St. Paul in his letter to the Ephesians.  “To equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christy, until all of us come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to maturity, to the measure of the full stature of Christ.”

Do you know someone going through a tough time-emotionally or spiritually?  Struggling with a crisis in life? Consider letting a Stephen Minister help.  A Stephen Minister is a member of our congregation who is trained to listen, care, encourage, pray and walk alongside someone during difficult times.  It is all confidential.  To learn more, talk with one of our Stephen Leaders by contacting Tami Gallaway in the church office at 972.390.1695.

Bundle of Joy
This ministry recognizes and welcomes new babies to our congregation. Cards are sent to new parents along with phones calls offering help and assistance. Meals are provided once the baby (or babies) come home. Handmade and embroidered burp cloths, a rose, and a worship bulletin from that Sunday are delivered as a welcome gift from the congregation.

Meal Ministry
Through this ministry, volunteers provide meals for members of the congregation in times of need – such as illness, birth, or death.

Eucharistic Ministry
This ministry provides for consecrated communion elements to be delivered by laypeople to shut-ins or others unable to attend our monthly Sunday morning celebration of Holy Communion.

Handy Helpers
Suncreek UMC Handy Helpers has been formed to help Suncreek family members with a need with minor home repairs and maintenance.  This group has a special interest in providing support for seniors within the church community however anyone requesting assistance will be considered.  We’ll be glad to take your request in confidence and evaluate whether we can assist.  Once your request has been evaluated, we’ll determine if we can be of assistance or whether we’d recommend a specialist.  If you or someone you know could use this assistance, please contact us at .
Suncreek Handy Helpers: Handy Helpers is a minor home repair and maintenance ministry of the Congregational Care Committee of Suncreek UMC. If you would be interested in becoming a part of this ministry please contact Janet Hunt in the church office.

Visitation and Nurture Team
This ministry team is led by members of the committee in consultation with the church’s pastoral staff. Volunteers from this ministry make hospital, nursing home, and home visits, and help determine any other patient or family needs. This committee helps in discerning ways in which the congregation may be able to lend a hand with basic needs, such as running errands, household chores, yard work, or weekly phone calls.

Do You Want to Help?

Please let us know if you would like to lend a hand. We’ll find areas that match your interests and available time, even if you only have a little time. Email to contact the Committee leaders.  You may also contact  or at 972-390-1695.


Pastoral Care
Our ministerial staff is here to help in any way we can as we offer love and support in times of need

Pastoral Visits
From time to time, members and friends of the Suncreek family seek support from our pastoral staff for a variety of concerns. Our clergy are glad to offer short-term support and spiritual guidance for anyone in times of crisis or need. If long-term support is needed, we can make referrals to licensed counselors with expertise in the area of concern.

Hosital Visitation
Our clergy visit members who are in hospitals, nursing homes, or homebound. Hospitals do not notify churches as they once did, so please call us if you or anyone you know in our church family is in the hospital.

Available 24 Hours a Day
As persons experience an immediate need for help, the Pastoral Care staff is available 24 hours a day. Ministers can be reached at the church during regular office hours. After 4 p.m., please call the church office, input 6 to indicate it is an emergency, and listen to the recorded message which gives the telephone numbers of our ministers on call.


Pastoral Counseling & Education Center

The Pastoral Counseling and Education Center, offers spiritually-based individual and family counseling.

Our Mission:

To provide spiritual, physical, and emotional
support to the Suncreek UMC
 family in times of triumph, tragedy,
joy, and sorrow.

We seek to be servants of Christ,
one to another.