Church Maintenance and Beautification Workdays
We need your help to keep our church building and property functional and beautiful.  No special skills are required.  Workdays are held on a regular basis.  If you have some special building maintenance skills, let us know.  For more information email


Policy on Plaques
Sometimes, persons request that a plaque be placed on an object to recognize the donor or the person who the gift was given to honor.  Decisions about affixing a plaque to an item are made by the church’s Stewardship Committee.  Excessive plaquing of items can have a negative impact on the beauty of the church, so great care is used in determining such action. 


Painting Guidelines

As campus activities occur for the Church, SCDC and for outside users, Suncreek can have in place guidelines that protect the property and safety of the Suncreek community.

These guidelines are provided so as to help minimize damage to various surfaces as well as to meet City of Allen fire codes and pass annual inspections by the Fire Marshall. As well, they are also important in supporting the annual insurance audits/inspections of the campus.

                      Painting Guidelines (effective 03/06/2009)          Copies available in Building A Electrical Room


Volunteer Work List

From time to time Trustees may identify areas where we believe there are maintenance tasks or upkeep opportunities. Below is the current list. If any item interests you and you would like more information as to what the scope, time frame or potential commitment might be, please send your inquiry to .

                          1. Adopt an area, plant flowers, water and manage weeds
                          2. Maintain order and arrangement of all utensils in the kitchen

 Additional Assistance

If you need futher assistance, have questions in regards to the policy or supporting documents, please contact either:

Director of Administration                           
Trustees Chair                                              


Ministries     Within     Communications     Stewardship & Finance     Building & Grounds