The Zoe Ministries Program in Maua, Kenya is incredibly amazing in so many ways: the empowerment of the orphans, the safety and care it provides for them, the team building demonstrated and taught (both in the working groups and their communities), the financial and leadership skills developed, etc. I feel that working with the staff there is even a blessing for these young people because they are such great role models and mentors for these orphans.

But what touched me most was the dream building. We saw examples of orphans left alone in the world (with the added burden of caring for younger siblings) who had to have the concept of a dream explained to them because their situations were so dire. But once they went through the process and identified their individual dreams, they worked together, not only achieving them in the very short time frame of three years or less, but often continuing on to help other orphans in their communities. Totally amazing! This experience reminds me that I often think too small and fail to identify my spiritual dream, and also provides an incredible inspiration for me to work with others to accomplish what God has planned for me.

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